What is SEO, and How Can it Help My Business?

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So what is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO expert can “optimize” your website internally and externally so that the search engines value it more and will rank it higher in the search results than other similar websites. Simply put, SEO is a key element to landing new clients for your business.

For instance, what if you’re in Chapel Hill, NC and you need a dentist.  You might search in Google for “Chapel Hill dentist”. “Chapel Hill Dentist” is your “keyword”, and the results that come up on the FIRST PAGE of the search results are the ones that Google considers to be most likely to satisfy your need for information.

If YOU ARE a dentist with an office in Chapel Hill, and you are looking for new patients, you want your site to come up first in the search results. So You as a dentist would benefit from a well-optimized website and probably need the services of a good SEO expert to help you out. After all, you’re a dentist – not an SEO expert. It’s usually best to hire experts to complete the job.

The thing is, unless you are on the FIRST PAGE of the search results when people search for “Chapel Hill Dentist”, then it’s unlikely the potential client would find you – ever.  And the higher you show up in the search results on that first page, the more likely they are to notice you.  So it’s vitally important that you are high on the first page of the search results, or some competitor who is there will get all of your business.

And that’s where SEO comes into play.    Google’s main job in life is to provide the very best matching websites and mobile sites to it’s users.  An SEO expert’s job is to make your website pages look like the very best information that Google is able to find.

Many website designers make beautiful websites – but do not have a clue about SEO.  It’s not good enough to have a beautiful website if nobody can find it!  In fact, good SEO is MORE important than a pretty website.  If you are not found, it’s like you don’t exist. Your competition gets the business, even if you are a better business person than they are.

SEO is a complex art that is constantly changing.  We all are aware of how fast technology advances these days.  Google updates its search algorithm many times a year in an attempt to keep their search business relevant – or even they will be left behind.  Twitter, Facebook, and many others are in fierce competition for the eyes and ears of the internet users, especially those that are in a mood to spend money.

Online commerce is growing by leaps each year and it’s only going to become more and more so.  The importance of being online in multiple avenues where the customers are is vitally important to the success of businesses.   As people reach into their pockets for their iPhone or Android phone, they are often looking for local businesses.

So it’s key to understand that SEO is important for your being able to get these hot leads to bring in new clients for your business.  At City Web Consulting, that’s our job – bringing new clients to you.

Let me ask you a question – do you think it’s a good deal for you to spend $1 to make $2?  What about spending $2 to make $5?  or $3 to make $10?

We have access to huge streams of people searching for your business.  We can help them find YOU instead of your competitors. If you would like to have those new clients calling on you, let us know and we can work with you to make it happen – quickly.  Let’s get started today. Call 919-816-2980 now to get clients calling you!

Part 2: How Can SEO Help my Business?

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your website on the front page of search results on Google, the answer you’ve been looking for is SEO. It’s an incredibly important, vital component to any successful business website (or any other website, for that matter!) If you want your potential customers to be able to find you, then you have to make it possible for them to do that, preferably quickly and easily, and SEO is your key to making that happen.

In a nutshell, SEO encompasses all of the methods and techniques people employ to make it as easy as possible for search engines to find and index their websites, which, in turn, makes it easier for potential customers to find them, too. There are many different ways to go about optimizing your site, from strategic backlinks to achieving the perfect keyword density and much, much more, Search Engine Optimization is a big job, but more than worth the effort it takes to get it right.

But you don’t have to personally be an SEO expert for your website to reap its benefits – we’ve got a whole team of them here at City Web Consultants.  We are ready to start optimizing your website today, and we invite you to get in touch with us to find out exactly how we can help make your site irresistible to search engines.


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